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What is the role of the Governing Board?

In the UK, school governors make up the largest volunteer workforce in the country!  School governors have an incredibly important role.  School Governing Bodies are given a range of duties by Parliament that concern the overall management of the school. 

At King's Wood, under the leadership of the Chair (Mr N. Horslen) and Vice-Chair (Mrs A. Hickman), governors work in close partnership with the Head Teacher and school leaders to agree the aims of the school and to decide together how the standard of education can best be monitored and improved.

Our governors bring to this role a range of interests, experience and expertise, meeting as a full governing board once a term.  They  also serve on committees, to consider matters delegated to them by the full governing board.  Any recommendations arising from such committee meetings are always referred back to the full governing board for final approval. 

Minutes of meetings of the full governing board are displayed below once they have been approved. These are also available from the school.

When governors visit, they make every effort to observe the school in action and offer support to school leaders.  Governors also try to attend as many extra-curricular school events as possible. 

Governors normally hold office for four years from their date of appointment.


What is the role of Parent Governors?

Parents have a unique opportunity to become involved in the strategic direction of the school, by becoming parent governors.  Please click here for further information about this important role.


If you would be interested in joining the Governing Board, please speak to the Head Teacher.

How can I get in touch with Governors?

All governors can be contacted via the school.

Governor Roles and Meeting Attendance

Please click here to see this information.

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