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Home Learning

We've put together some fun ideas to help your children with their learning over the holidays.  Please click here for Foundation, click here for  KS1  and click here for KS2.

Learning in partnership

Home learning has evolved at King's Wood.  We have worked hard to make home learning meaningful, manageable and enjoyable.  As parents, your role in this aspect of your child's learning is incredibly important.

We particularly value your support with:

  • listening to your child read

  • working through Dizzy Spellers

  • practising times tables

Each of these will have a direct impact on your child's progress in Maths and English.​

However, our home learning is broader and richer than this.  We want pupils:

  • to engage with opportunities to learn creatively

  • to get excited about the opportunity to learn more deeply about things which interest them

  • to develop a passion for the things that they enjoy learning

Please support us in doing our best for your child's education.

To view our home learning policy, please click here to be redirected to our policies page.

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