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Pupil Premium

Our Pupil Premium Lead is Mrs K. Cooper.  She can be contacted via the school office.

Pupil Premium is additional funding that schools receive to give extra support to pupils whose education may be disadvantaged by financial limitations. 

 Pupils who are, or who have been, entitled to Free School Meals qualify for this additional support.  The school decides how best to use additional resources to support them.

If you would like to discuss our use of the Pupil Premium, or to check whether your child might be entitled to it, please contact the school office.

"Pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds are supported very well and now make as good, and often better, progress than their peers. This is due to leaders making thoughtful spending decisions based on their very careful analysis of pupils’ individual needs and potential barriers to learning. The pastoral support provided to these pupils and their families is exceptionally strong."


Catch up

Catch up funding

There  have been a number of resources and funding streams made available to King's Wood in response to the pandemic.

These have enabled the school to benefit from laptops and tablets for children who are isolating, Google Suite to provide a platform for remote learning, tuition funding  and catch up funding.  

How the funds are used - 
The Pupil Premium and Catch up Strategy


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