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King's Wood Curriculum - Music

Why Music Matters:

All children should be offered the opportunities to explore their talents and interests as broadly as possible.  Music is a fundamental part of culture, community, wellbeing and a great way to develop confidence, resilience and the ability to work really effectively with others.  

"Excellent music education opens opportunities, but it is not simply a means to an end: it is also an end in itself. It gives children and young people an opportunity to express themselves, to explore their creativity, to work hard at something, persevere and shine. These experiences and achievements stay with them and shape their lives. That is why music is an essential part of a broad and ambitious curriculum for all pupils."  HM Government: The Power of Music to Change Lives: A National Plan for Music Education, 2022

 At King's Wood, we believe that all of our children deserve these opportunities and do all that we can to make music accessible.

Core Music Education:

The core music curriculum is built up in themes:

- Singing

- Playing and performing

- Improvisation and composition

- Music through the ages (with a focus of listening to, and appraising, a wide variety of music)

Additionally, musical theory (the 'Interrelated Dimensions of Music') is interwoven throughout these units.

Children in all year groups have at least 30 minutes of music timetabled per week; in addition children in Key Stage one have Singing Assembly once per week and children in Key Stage Two have a music assembly focusing on music history and interrelated dimensions.  Children also have the opportunity to perform to their peers in assemblies.

All year groups have a performance each year, giving further opportunities to learn and perform songs and - for those who are confident - the chance to sing solo.

A music week is planned for the summer term to give pupils a chance to watch visiting musicians and ensembles perform at school.


Music Enrichment:

Each year group from Reception to Y6 learns about a family of instruments and how to play them.  To support this learning, we run exciting workshops - often led by visiting musicians, which expose children to a wide variety of opportunities including Ukulele, Steel Pan, Violin, Pipe Organ and African drums.

In June, we have our Music Week where a number of performers play for our children to inspire them and give them the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about musicianship, and to perform.  In 2023, we had:

  • Junk Orchestra

  • Violin Performance

  • Piano and violin duet

  • Guitar performance

  • Jazz band

  • Children’s performances

Extra Curricular Music:

All children have the opportunity to learn instruments as part of the core curriculum.  For those wishing to further their skills, we offer:

- violin lessons

- guitar lessons

- piano lessons

- Rocksteady

- windband

- ukulele club

- choir

- Young Voices

For further detail, please find a copy of the letter sent out at the beginning of Autumn 2023 here. 

Further information:

If you would like to find out more about the music curriculum or the music opportunities at King's Wood, please get in touch with Mrs Virgo (Music Lead and Deputy Head Teacher) through the school music email:

Music Overview

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