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Values and Aims

We will encourage our children to be aspirational learners by providing them with the opportunities they need to develop key skills, through an enriched curriculum, which also supports them to become good citizens.


Our school aims to:

  • Nurture our children to be the best they can be

  • Create an environment where everyone feels happy, safe, respected and diversity is valued

  • Help our children to become resilient learners who embrace challenge

  • Place no limits on learning by valuing effort as well as attainment

  • Offer an enriched curriculum which encourages aspiration, co-operation and creativity

  • Equip our children with the values, morals and skills to enable them to make a positive contribution to British society

  • Work in partnership with families and be actively involved in the wider community.

Our ethos at King's Wood is to ENRICH, NURTURE and INSPIRE our children.


  • We take a holistic approach to children and to learning

  • We focus on learning to be good learners

  • We offer a broad curriculum

  • We work hard to create an engaging environment

  • We create exciting opportunities

  • We value a wide range of skills - academic, practical and interpersonal


  • We celebrate our individuality

  • We foster kindness and respect

  • We develop confidence in our children

  • We support our children to build resilience

  • We encourage optimism

  • We promote a growth mindset


  • We place no limits on learning

  • We have high expectations for all

  • We create opportunities

  • We raise aspirations

  • We foster ambition

  • We make learning fun

British Values at King's Wood


British Values are embedded in the ethos and the learning at King's Wood.  They form a key part of pupils' Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education.

The 2014 government guidance highlights the importance of children's understanding of the following aspects of British Values:

1. Democracy

We promote understanding of democracy through:

  • Electing School Council members

  • School Council representation of class members

  • Assemblies focusing on elections and news

  • Discussions through P4C and PSHE

2. Individual Liberty

We promote understanding of individual liberty through:

  • Discussions and assemblies focusing on rights and responsibilities

  • Giving pupils' opportunities to "have their say" - e.g. through pupil voice interviews

  • Involving pupils, through the Student Council, in making decisions about the school

  • Using language of choice

3. Rule of Law

We promote understanding of rule of law through:

  • Having a clear and consistently applied behaviour policy

  • Offering positive reinforcement as well as sanctions

  • Displaying and using the school's Golden Rules

4. Mutual Respect

We promote mutual respect through:

  • Discussions in class (e.g. P4C) and assemblies

  • Golden Rules which are underpinned by respect and kindness

  • Robust responses to issues of bullying and / or discrimination

5. Tolerance of those with different faiths or beliefs

We promote tolerance through:

  • A broad, rich RE curriculum which supports pupils to value and respect the beliefs of others

  • Opportunities to visit different places of worship to develop understanding of different faiths

  • Discussions about different beliefs, and the importance of respect, through assemblies, P4C and PSHE

  • Enabling members of different faith communities to take part in major festivals by upholding their right to time for religious observance 

  • Zero tolerance of discrimination on the basis of faith or belief

Please click here to see the school's Golden Rules.

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