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School Dinners & Packed Lunches

Hot Meals & Dolce Menu


Hot school dinners at King's Wood are provided by Dolce.  Each family is set up with a Dolce account and can order, and pay for, school dinners online.  Dolce ensure our hot meals are healthy and offer a wide range of menu choices to suit all needs. 


Please check the menu for the current term here.   All menus are fully halal with vegetarian options.

For children entitled to free school meals (including all pupils in Reception and KS1), parents should still order their child's meal through Dolce. The school office will set up an account for you.

Please use this button to log in the Dolce service.

For more information on the Dolce meal service, please follow this link:


The children are supervised during lunchtime by midday supervisors and learning support assistants both in the dining hall and on the playground.  Adults will help younger pupils to cut up their food and encourage them to eat.

Packed Lunches

Children may, of course, bring a packed lunch to school and we suggest that lunches have a selection of the following:

  • a sandwich

  • fruit / raw vegetables

  • cereal bar

  • yoghurt / fromage frais

  • cheese

  • savoury pasta / rice

  • salad

Crisps are allowed but are better as an occasional treat rather than every day. We recommend they bring water or pure fruit juice to drink.

We do not allow the children to have chocolate or sweets, chewing gum, glass bottles, fizzy drinks or cans in school. Please avoid sending in anything containing nuts as we have a number of children who have nut allergies.

The LEA provides funding for a hot meal for those who are entitled to free school meals.  If you feel that your child may be entitled to a free school meal please contact the school office at your convenience.

From September 2014 all Reception and Key Stage One pupils are entitled to a free school meal regardless of their family’s income. A simple form needs to be completed in order to take up this option which is in this pack.

Healthy Snacks

Free fruit is provided for all pupils in EYFS and KS1 at morning break. Cold milk is available free for children under five and parents may purchase it for older pupils if they wish.

Water Bottles

Dehydration can affect concentration and the ability to learn. Pupils are encouraged to bring a sports capped water bottle to school every day. They are allowed to keep their bottle in their classroom and drink from it whenever they need to. There are taps around the school so they are able to re-fill the bottle throughout the day.

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