Who's who?

Office Staff

  • We have a welcoming team of office staff, led by Mrs P. Burton - Office Manager

School Senior Leadership

  • Mr N. Horslen  - Chair of Governors

  • Mrs A. Hickman - Vice Chair of Governors

  • Mrs J. Freeman  - Head Teacher, Curriculum lead, PSHE lead, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Designated person for Looked After Children (LAC)

  • Mrs L. Virgo - Deputy Head Teacher, Assessment lead, Music lead, Deputy DSL  (Y6 booster group teacher)

  • Mr M. Hickey - Assistant Head Teacher,  KS2 lead, Maths lead, PiXL lead, Deputy DSL (Y6 teacher)

  • Mrs N. Martin - Assistant Head Teacher, KS 1 lead, English lead, Deputy DSL (Y2 teacher)

  • Mrs N. Kendrew - Inclusion Coordinator 

  • Mrs K. Cooper - Pupil Premium Lead (Y1 teacher)

School Extended Leadership

  • Mrs A. Rock - EYFS Lead (Nursery teacher)

  • Mrs S. Rooke - ARP Lead

  • Ms E. Searle - Family Liaison Manager, Deputy DSL

  • Ms E. Kirk - Science and Computing Lead (Y6 teacher)

  • Mrs L. Reid - Arts and Design & Technology Lead (Reception teacher)

  • Miss E. Podbury - Humanities Lead (Y3 teacher)

Class Teachers

Nursery - Mrs A. Rock


  • Acorns - Mrs K. Millward

  • Conkers - Mrs L. Reid

Year 1:

  • Cedar (1CK)  - Mrs C. Keen & Mrs K. Cooper

  • Holly (1W) - Miss J. Williams

Year 2:

  • Pine (2E) - Mrs S. Elliott

  • Spruce (2M) - Mrs N. Martin

Year 3:

  • Beech (3P) - Miss E. Podbury

  • Rowan (3J) - Miss S. Jones

Year 4:

  • Maple (4S) - Mr M. Stanford

  • Willow  (4M) - Ms M. Macdonald

Year 5:

  • Alder (5J) - Ms F. Jabbar

  • Magnolia (5HP) - Mr J. Hodgson-Philips

Year 6:

  • Hawthorne (6K) - Ms E. Kirk

  • Sycamore (6H) - Mr M. Hickey

Pastoral Support Team

Student Mentors / Key worker:

  • Mrs S. Bower

  • Miss C. Arnold

  • Miss M. Spencer

  • Mrs S. Bashir

Family Liaison Manager:

  • Ms E. Searle

Learning Support

  • Mrs  N. Kendrew - Inclusion Coordinator

  • Teaching Assistants - If you would like to speak to the Teaching Assistant working with your child, please speak first to your child's class teacher or to Mrs Kendrew.

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