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Family Support


At King's Wood, we know parenting can offer challenges; we also realise that from time to time life can be difficult.

We really value opportunities to work in partnership with families and agencies when needs arise, to support parents so that children are in the best possible position to achieve.

Our Family Liaison Manager, Erika Searle, coordinates this support, working closely with the child and their family.  She also works closely with health, social care, adult learning and housing to name a few agencies!

Some examples of support offered include:

  • Home visits

  • Referral to the Family Support Service

  • Support with filling in forms 

  • Finding ways to enable parents to engage

  • Working with individual families on specific issues

  • Parenting classes

  • PAFT (Parents as First Teachers) - click here for further information

  • Organising Adult Learning classes

  • Organising parent workshops

This is by no means the full extent of support offered.  The provision is flexible and dynamic - we seek to find ways of helping individual parents and families and will tailor the support to their needs as far as possible.

Should you feel that you are encountering difficulties which are negatively impacting on your child's education, please get in contact through the school office.

To see our policy on Parent Engagement, please click here to be redirected to our policies page.

To see how King's Wood views the role of parents, and how we support engagement, please click here to be redirected to our Parents page.

Helpful advice is available on the Family Lives website: click here.

Details of support available through the Local Authority can be found on the Bucks Family Information Service website: click here.

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