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Parents' Evenings and Open Afternoons

Parents' Evenings

Parents' evenings take place during the Autumn and Spring Terms.  We run the parents' evenings over two days to ensure that there is sufficient time for all parents to participate.  Parents' evenings appointments are conducted virtually, using the child's school Google account.  Invitations are sent out via email and instructions to book appointments online are sent with the invitation.

Most parents have fed back that they prefer virtual meetings to avoid having to rush to school from work, issues with child care and waiting for appointments in school.  However, we are aware that for some parents, virtual meetings may not be ideal.  If you cannot manage a virtual appointment, please let your child's teacher know so that they can arrange a time with you to discuss your child's achievements.


Open Afternoons

Because Parents' evenings no longer offer parents the opportunity to look at their child's work, we also have open afternoons at school.  These also take place during the Autumn and Spring Terms, on a different day for each year group.  Open afternoons give parents the chance to come in and look at their children's books and to participate in some of the learning activities that their children have experienced in lessons.

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