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At the heart of everything we do...


At Kings’ Wood School we aim to provide a happy and secure environment in which all children, at every stage of their development, can achieve the best of which they are capable.
Our school aims to:


  • Create an environment where everyone feels safe, secure and happy and where there is mutual respect​

  • Provide opportunities for children and adults to actively engage in their learning and enable them to achieve their full potential

  •  Ensure access to a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum that celebrates diversity and supports children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

  • Enable children to be confident and independent learners with high self-esteem 

  •  Inspire and motivate children to continue learning throughout their lives

  • Develop children’s ability to recognise their emotions, look after their own behavior and consider its impact on those around them.

  •  Promote healthy lifestyles to enable children to make informed choices

  • Have good communication links with parents and be actively involved in the wider community. 

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