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King's Wood Curriculum - Writing

​Oracy and Language

  • Oracy and language work underpin the writing curriculum.  

  • Opportunities to develop speaking and listening are planned throughout all units of work and should include the use of role play and drama.


  • During their first term in Reception every child is assessed using Language Link to pick up any speech and language needs. Appropriate provision is put in place based on the outcome of this assessment.  Language Link assessments continue through KS1 and, where needed, in KS2.

  • Vocabulary, especially Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary, is taught explicitly in English as it is in other subjects.  Children are supported to understand and use the words they learn, and encounter through reading, orally and in their writing.


  • Writing is taught through a combination of frequent modelling, good use of shared texts (Power of Reading) and guided writing. Cross-curricular links are maximised and wherever possible used as an opportunity to reinforce the learning that has taken place during Literacy.


  • ‘Big Write’ provides opportunities for pupils to undertake extended writing. Pupils, working at an appropriate level, are given the opportunity to develop a piece of writing over several days.


  • Children have the opportunity to edit and improve their writing, using draft writing books as part of the writing process from when appropriate. 


  • Every child in KS1 has a ‘Writing Journal/Free Writing Book’ in which they can write during some guided sessions and during free time, including at home. These books are not marked but teachers look through them every few weeks and discuss what has been written.  They can also be shared with the class.


  • Grammar and spelling rules are taught in line with Phonics teaching, spelling rules using ‘HeadStart’, and national requirements; these are followed up with opportunities for pupils to use and apply the knowledge gained to their writing.


  • 'Non-negotiables’ in writing have been identified for each year group. These are key concepts that children need to grasp in order to move on to the next stage of their learning. These concepts need to be planned for and re-visited throughout the year.


  • Good presentation and letter formation are important. Children are following the Nelson Scheme for handwriting. In EYFS and KS1, correct letter formation in cursive script are practised daily. In KS2, any pupil whose handwriting is not joined and legible also undertakes handwriting practice. By Years 5 and 6 it is expected that most pupils will have developed a neat, well-formed script and will no longer need to practise.  Good handwriting is modelled by teachers when writing on the board/ flip-chart. 


  • Opportunities is given for children to use ICT to present their work where relevant.


  • Writing is celebrated across the school, through display, presentation to SLT and certificates in assembly.

Writing Curriculum:

King's Wood's writing curriculum is underpinned by the CLPE scheme: 'Power of Reading'.  High quality key texts are selected both as the stimulus for writing.  The text overview can be found below.

Writing Curriculum.PNG
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