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Partners in Excellence

PiXL is an approach which was introduced to King's Wood in 2015.  The PiXL approach helps teachers to organise groups and learning so that children get the opportunities they need to maximise achievements, particularly with regard to the End of KS2 SATs. 


In PiXL, there is a particular emphasis on supporting those pupils who have the basic ability to achieve the expected standard in SATs but who, for whatever reason, are unlikely to do so without intervention.  PiXL provides the structure, analysis tools and resources to support those learners.

In 2018-19, we will be developing PiXL practice in the following ways:

  • Use the PiXL assessment tools throughout KS2 so that pupils coming into Y6 are better prepared, and gaps in test performance can be identified quickly

  • Use more dynamic groupings in Year 6, which change from topic to topic, as children with specific weaknesses in certain areas of the curriculum do not necessarily need additional support in all areas

  • Use this same approach with pupils who could, with support, reach the higher standards at the end of KS2

For more information, please speak to Mr Hickey or Mrs Virgo

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