There are lots of things in the news right now and there are lots of things which have changed very quickly.  If you need to tell someone how you feel, or do something that will make you feel better, there are lots of things you can do:

  • You can talk to someone you live with

  • You can phone your friends / grandparents / aunties / uncles / cousins etc.  If you have a device, you can even do video calls.

  • Try to join in with Google Classroom as much as you can - it will help you to stay focused and in touch with your friends at school.

  • Make sure you take a break from your screen for at least 10 minutes after each hour.  Try to have a part of the day when you are not looking at screens.

  • If you are really worried about what is happening, Childline has a webpage that can help.  Also, if other things are worrying you, Childline can help: https://www.childline.org.uk/

  • You can think about how exciting it will be to see everyone again once it is safe for us to meet up

  • Remember to keep up with things that help you to stay well.  If you can, do some exercises,  e.g. PE with Joe 

  • Try to eat healthily and have plenty to drink.  

  • Try to have a routine - get up in the morning, follow your remote learning timetable the best you can, have your meals at normal times, plan times for learning, activities and breaks and go to bed at your usual time.

  • Be creative! Draw, paint, write song lyrics, learn some crafts...

  • Get stuck in a book you really enjoy

  • Be kind

  • Remember that the most important thing to do is to keep your mind and body as healthy as you can

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