If your test is negative:


  • record your results on this form as usual

  • you do not need to contact Janice

Remember, a negative result is not a guarantee that you are not infected.  You must still observe social distancing and COVID-safe behaviours.

If your test is positive:


  • inform Janice by phoning her immediately  

  • record your results on this form as usual

  • start self-isolating (yourself and your household)

  • book a COVID test, ASAP, at a walk-in or drive-in centre 

You can book a test by calling 119 or book online: https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test 
Please don't use postal tests unless you're too ill to go to a test centre because the results take longer and we need to know quickly whether or not to isolate your bubble.

Try not to worry. Symptoms for working age people are usually not severe and the vast majority make a good recovery in a matter of weeks.  

Do contact the school if you are worried and would like to speak to us. We may be able to signpost you to further advice.

If you feel your symptoms are becoming concerning, please call NHS 111 for further advice.

Make sure that you and your household are following all of the Stay at Home guidance.

If your test is invalid:


  • repeat the test 

  • record both tests (so you should submit this form twice) 

If you have more than one invalid test, your batch may be faulty - please let Janice know.


You should continue to observe social distancing and COVID-safe behaviours.


Next steps:

Once you have submitted your result on this page, you should also record your test result on the Government website: https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result
You will need the test number or QR code - these are printed on the lateral flow device.

Regardless of LFD test results, if you or a member of your household begin to show COVID symptoms you must all begin self isolation.  You should book a COVID test at a walk-in or drive-in centre as soon as possible for the person with symptoms.

Thank you for submitting your test result and helping to keep our school safe.

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