Punctuality Week

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

It's been a lovely start to the day for senior leaders, welcoming so many children and parents at the gate who arrive punctually, ready to be in class by 8.50 am.

Realistically, for children to be ready to learn in their classrooms by 8.50, they need to be dropped off by 8.45 am. The school is actually open, and classrooms are available, from 8.40 am.

We'd like to see if everyone can manage to get to school on time! We are having our first Punctuality Week this year - beginning on Monday 1st October. There will be class awards for punctuality but more importantly, children who get to class on time have opportunities to:

- practise spelling, handwriting and times tables

- complete "gap tasks"

- change reading books

- hand in homework

- talk to the teacher

- hear about what is happening during the day

This helps pupils have a relaxed, purposeful start to the day and to be ready for learning in lessons. We look forward to welcoming you on time at the school gates!

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