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Parents and Carers

Parent-School Partnership


Parents and carers play a critical role in children's education.   A commonly quoted statistic is that children spend 20% of their waking time in school, and 80%  either at home or in activities out of school.  This, of course, means that without support for learning from parents / carers, children have limited opportunities to learn.

Ways in which parent / carer support for children matters:

  • Talking - children who are exposed to lots of words, who get opportunities to practice talking and who engage in conversations will become stronger linguists, writers, readers and listeners.  Furthermore, since all teaching and learning relies on understanding language, these children do better in Maths, Science and other areas of the Curriculum.  Also, because they are more able to express themselves, they are able to cope better socially.

  • Enrichment - children who do things with their parents / carers, share experiences, and talk about them are always learning.  They are also developing a love of learning.  This doesn't have to be expensive or difficult ... going for a nature walk, building a shelter in the woods, researching a topic together ... there are lots of ways of sharing quality learning experiences.  You may find some good ideas on the Family Information Service website.

  • Home learning - children whose parents / carers support them with home learning do better.  To go to the home learning page, click here.

  • Being ready for school - this means being up in time, well rested, calm, breakfasted, appropriately dressed and organised for the day.  Children who do not arrive in this state often find it hard to settle to learning.

The school's Family Liaison Manager, Erika Searle, works closely with parents to support them in this crucial role.   Ms Searle can be contacted via the school office.


Parents / carers can also offer wider support to the school - e.g. through parent volunteering (click here), through joining the PTA (click here) or through joining the Board of Governors (click here).

If you are looking for support as a parent, click here to be redirected to our Family Support page.

For access to free Information and Support please click here

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