Mathematics is a core part of the school curriculum.  

In KS1 & 2, Maths is taught using the White Rose Hub planning.  This sets out the learning objectives of the National Curriculum within a time frame, with suggested resources.  Using White Rose is helping us to ensure coverage and depth of learning.  To deliver the White Rose Hub plans, teachers use a range of strategies from the Maths Mastery approach (similar to Shanghai and Singapore Maths approaches).  This methodology is used to enable children to grasp fundamental concepts more securely, and to keep up with peers.  Some elements of the approach include:

- focus on key vocabulary

- maths meetings

- problem solving  using equipment and pictures before purely using numbers

- multi part lessons which allow for talk tasks, group work, whole class teaching and

   independent learning

- "keep up" approach - children are supported in the afternoon if they haven't grasped the

   concept in the maths lesson

Throughout Key Stage 2, PiXL Maths is being used to identify gaps in pupils' learning, with a specific focus on highlighting what they can do, and what they struggle with, in test situations.  This helps the teacher to focus on plugging gaps in pupils' learning.

For all year groups, we have identified "Maths Non-Negotiables" - those areas of the National Curriculum which are most critical for developing the skills and understanding needed throughout Primary education.  Although we teach the whole of the National Curriculum, there is a specific focus on these identified areas, and pupils are assessed specifically on them.  Typically, these areas include concepts relating to place value, number bonds, multiplication and division facts, and the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).  

One area which our pupils often find difficult is securing knowledge of times tables.  To help, we use the PiXL Times Table App.

Our curriculum for subjects such as Science and Topic also offer opportunities for children to practice and develop their literacy skills.


Mr Hickey is the school's Maths Lead.  

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