Staff Introductions for children

With your child's school report, you were also sent a letter to let you know in which class, and with which teacher, your child would be from September.  Because of the disruptions for schools, we haven't been able to have the usual "meet the teacher" activities this term, and we know that children are keen to get to know their new teachers a little before we all come back at the start of the Autumn term.  To help, we have asked teachers to introduce themselves on videos!  

In keeping with our privacy policies, please do not repost these videos, or links to them, on social media, websites, etc.

Mrs Rock  and the Nursery Team

Miss Beard -Acorns, Miss Jabbar - Conkers and the Foundation Team

Mrs Cooper, Mrs Keen and Miss Bone -1CK

Mrs Rodger and Miss Fogg - 1R

Miss Cooper -2C

Mrs Martin, Miss Burnell and Miss Bridgman - 2M

Miss Jones and Mrs Iqbal - 3J

Miss Williams and Miss Hussain -3W

Miss Brodelle- 4B

Unfortunately, Miss Brodelle is unable to post a video at the moment.

Mr Stanford - 4S

Mr Daltry - 5D

Miss Podbury - 5P

Mr Hickey - 6H

Miss Kirk - 6K