British Values at King's Wood

British Values are embedded in the ethos and the learning at King's Wood.  They form a key part of pupils' Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education.

The 2014 government guidance highlights the importance of children's understanding of the following aspects of British Values:

1. Democracy

We promote understanding of democracy through:

  • Electing School Council members

  • School Council representation of class members

  • Assemblies focusing on elections and news

  • Discussions through P4C and PSHE

2. Individual Liberty

We promote understanding of individual liberty through:

  • Discussions and assemblies focusing on rights and responsibilities

  • Giving pupils' opportunities to "have their say" - e.g. through pupil voice interviews

  • Involving pupils, through the Student Council, in making decisions about the school

  • Using language of choice

3. Rule of Law

We promote understanding of rule of law through:

  • Having a clear and consistently applied behaviour policy

  • Offering positive reinforcement as well as sanctions

  • Displaying and using the school's Golden Rules

4. Mutual Respect

We promote mutual respect through:

  • Discussions in class (e.g. P4C) and assemblies

  • Golden Rules which are underpinned by respect and kindness

  • Robust responses to issues of bullying and / or discrimination

5. Tolerance of those with different faiths or beliefs

We promote tolerance through:

  • A broad, rich RE curriculum which supports pupils to value and respect the beliefs of others

  • Opportunities to visit different places of worship to develop understanding of different faiths

  • Discussions about different beliefs, and the importance of respect, through assemblies, P4C and PSHE

  • Enabling members of different faith communities to take part in major festivals by upholding their right to time for religious observance 

  • Zero tolerance of discrimination on the basis of faith or belief

Please click here to see the school's Golden Rules.

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