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Work from EYFS                   

Work from Year 1                   

Work from Year 2

Work from Year 3                 

Work from Year 4

Work from Year 5                 

Work from Year 6

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Work from EYFS

Spring hunt in the garden and the bean plant by Mak 

Cookies and writing by Jessie

CVC word writing by Brodie 

Practising words and numbers by Jude 

Twig and Log Giraffe by Hirah 

Sheep handywork by Biya 

Suleimaan reading Our Very Special Weekend 

Drawing of teachers by Skylar 

Growing sunflowers by Hirah 

Number work by Anbiya

Rapunzel Rainbow Tower by Eloise 

Work from Y1


Work from Y2

Acrostic Poem for Key workers by Zayaan 

Painting in the garden by Jameel  and Sameer 

Plant diary by Zayaan 

Vincent Van Gogh research by Abbie 

Bluebells finger printing by Evie 

Growing plants by Zayaan 

Van Gogh flower drawing by Khadijah

Creative Maths  by Evie

Arrays by Abbie

The magic faraway tree by Srimayi

English work and weaving fish by Zayaan

Super maths work on shape and number by Abbie

Painting of Mr Stink by Abbie

English work, crafts and science experiment by Logan

Super Maths by Lacie-Mae


Work from Y3

Flowers drawing by  Abeeha

Seashell art by Faria

Maths work by Franek

Maths work by Angjela

Maths work by Antek

Maths work & instructions by Abeeha

Growing crystals and English work by Alfie

Labelled skeleton by Franek

Parts of a plant by Nehan

What I'm grateful for by Esme

Artwork by Anaya

Exploring rocks by Amira

Diary entry and Skeleton by Logan

Food Groups & Egyptian God research by Kiran

Egyptian Gods by Esme

Bugs by Charles

Maths by Raiyan

All about ants by Jamie

Adverbs  by Fouzaan

Recipe by Elliot

Aquila by Esme

Work from Y4

A poster about Lemurs by Callum

Literacy work by Amira

Maths work by Lily

Save the rainforest t-shirt design by James

Acrostic poem about key workers by Amira

Maths work by James

Literacy work by Malayeka

Maths work by Ethan

Front cover of Fox (Margaret Wild) by Lewis

Maths and Africa Topic work by Leo

Adverbs by Fouzaan

Rainforest diorama by Callum

Painting of Om Nom by Amira

Magic box poem by Amira

Model of Stonehenge by Sam

Paper flowers made by Amira

Work from Y5

Martha : Poem - "The Aurora" 

The Death Tree by Martha


Work from Y6

Electricity by Tatenda

Callum: Extended science project on series and parallel circuits

Ayesha: Poem - "Northern Lights"

Drawing of train by Muhammad

Awala: Poem - "Survivor"

Painting in the garden by Jameel and Samee

Newspaper Report on the Titanic by Callum

Newspaper report on Titanic by Tatenda 

Titanic presentation by Aman

Information Text about Spain by Tatenda

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