Year 3 Maths


Mathematics Quick-fire recall cards teacher guidance

Mathematics Recall Cards - Set 1 Fractions (A4)

Mathematics Recall Cards - Set 1 Geometry (A4)

Mathematics Recall Cards - Set 1 Statistics (A4)

Misconception Cards x8 Mathematics


Year 3 Addition and Subtraction Revision

Year 3 Revision Booklet


Year 3 Spring Activity Booklet

In addition to the activities above, work has been set on MyMaths. 

You have your own account on MyMaths and can complete homework tasks when at school or at home.

How to access MyMaths:

Go to and log in at the top of the screen using your school username and password. On the next screen enter your personal username and password in the My Portal box.


School username: kings7             School password: tangent107


Please keep a record of your own individual username and password as you will be asked to enter them every time you log in to MyMaths. We have give you, or are sending through the post, a letter with your login details.

Completing your work:

You can see tasks your teacher has set in the Homework area. If you click on one of the tasks, you will have the option to revise from the lesson first or go straight to the homework. Each homework has 2 pages of questions. You must press the Mark it button on both pages to complete the task. If you want to save your work to complete later, you can press the Save button.

You can try each task as many times as you like. Only your best score for each page of questions will be recorded. Your teacher will be able to see how well you did and when you completed the task.

You can see your completed tasks and how you're getting on in the Results area.You can also tell your teacher what you thought of each task by giving it a Rating.

For more information on how to complete homework, visit the dedicated Support site. You can access this at any time by clicking "Help".

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