Book Review Competition


When things are a bit unusual or worrying, getting stuck into a really good book can really help us to focus on something else, and to feel better.  We love reading at King's Wood!

We've been having a competition to see which class had the most children send in a book review.  The winning class is 1B!  In 1B, 11 children sent in reviews, which is nearly half the class.  Those children sent in a total of 30 reviews, so some of them have been reading alot!  Brilliant!

Altogether, we had reviews from 71 children, with a total of 114 reviews.  Well done King's Wood pupils!
















If you are in 1B and you sent in a review, please ask your parents to check their email - there is a surprise waiting there for you.


Althought the competition is closed and we won't be publishing more reviews on these pages, you are still welcome to send them in.  Your teachers will really enjoy seeing what you have been reading and I am sure they will put some of them on our Twitter feeds.

Mrs Virgo

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